The Greek Calabria

The Calabri Vagantes Projects

cal citAlready in the Middle Ages, present-day Calabria was divided into two areas which over the centuries took on the name of Calabria Ulterior (or Greek Calabria, in red on the map) and of Calabria Citerior (or Latin Calabria, the remaining part).

The arrow on the image indicates Cape South which is the southernmost tip of all continental central Europe. North Cape coordinates in Norway: 71 ° 10′21 ″ N 25 ° 47′04 ″ E - South Cape coordinates in Calabria: 37 ° 55′N 15 ° 47′E


As already mentioned, we are a network of people who love Calabria, regardless of whether we were born there or not.

For this reason each of us can contribute to its rebirth by proposing and / or disseminating a project, whether small or large, or by bringing a personal testimony, organizing an event, etc.

As far as the content of the projects is concerned, they will naturally take on different forms, depending on the skills of each proposer, as can be understood by reading the brief summaries of the projects already underway.

For example, projects 1 and 2 of Greek Calabria have to do with training in the medical field, 3 with the participation of citizens, projects 4, 5 and 6 with our history and Calabrian-Greek culture, project 7 with agricultural production and the bergamot supply chain.

Of course, those interested in an existing project can ask to join it by making their skills available.

Someone, rightly, may object: what sense does it make to bring together under the same umbrella (that of the Calabri Vagantes, in fact) so many projects so disparate and heterogeneous?

The answers can be at least two:

  1. it makes a lot of sense for initiatives that arise "from below" to exchange proposals and experiences from different fields of knowledge;
  2. it also makes a lot of sense to offer an external observer the many aspects of history, science, culture, economy, etc. that characterize our land.

Finally, another question: is it possible to create a logical thread between such disparate projects? If so, how to do it?

Let's go back to the example of some of the projects already started.

While the first three projects of Greek Calabria are of medical interest, project 4 is dedicated to the Italian Risorgimento which actually took its first sensational steps in Calabria, more precisely in Greek Calabria. In fact, in August 1847, Edward Lear, English writer and painter, during his journey on foot discovered that a real revolution was being born, the one that then inflamed Palermo starting from 12 January 1848 and then all of Italy and the 'Europe.

This is just an example of how useful it is to dig into the different aspects of our history, ancient and recent (up to the Resistance, project 5) to connect them and get to rediscover the roots of our identity.