The Calabri Vagantes

How to join the network


All Italians and foreigners who love Calabria, even if they were not born here, can join the Calabri Vagantes network, as well as all the charities (voluntary associations) that operate in Calabria and wish to disseminate information on their projects and activities.
To join the network write to: calabri.vagantes(at) indicating your address, sector of professional activity (attaching a curriculum vitae if available) and, if you want, indicate one or more projects (among those described) in which you wish to participate.
You can also describe a new project that you intend to start or develop or make known through the Calabri Vagantes network.
Finally, you can contribute to the growth of this site by sending via e-mail one or more images of the cultures and people of Calabria living in Italy or abroad.
Unlike the "serious" language used in the description of the projects, the images you will send can be accompanied by captions and / or comments, even of a self- deprecating nature.
In this way the site, created to stimulate everyone's curiosity and interest, can also become " fun".
NOTA antispam: (at) = @ when sending your e-mail