The Calabri Vagantes

About us

The first European University was founded in Bologna in 1088 by the “Clerici Vagantes”, young students from all over Europe who were eager to bring back to their countries of origin the culture of the rediscovered Roman law as well as the notions of other medieval disciplines.
By analogy (or parody ...) the term "Calabri Vagantes" wants to define the many Calabrians who live today in Italy and abroad (and also the non-Calabrians in love with Calabria) eager to share their knowledge and work experiences with citizens who live and work in our beautiful land.

This definition is reflected in the logo of the Calabri Vagantes shown below which presents a network of yellow and green points connected to each other: the yellow ones represent the Calabrians who live and work in our land while the green ones (which in fact should be much more numerous than the yellows) represent the Calabrians scattered around the world as an effect of emigration.

The aim of the Calabri Vagantes is therefore to create a "network ", of communications among all of us in order to spread in Italy and in the world the knowledge of our history, of our culture so varied and heterogeneous as well as of our ability to do well in every field of knowledge and in every type of human activity.
This objective will be achieved through the dissemination and implementation of projects.
All this work will have the non-negligible effect of rebuilding our self-esteem and the esteem of other Italians and foreigners towards us based on solid cultural foundations, an indispensable requirement for the “renaissance” of our Calabria.